Selected Works

Works selected from among Sasaki,s more than 50 novels and nonfiction pieces written since 1979

Waga Yubari, Waga Etorofu (My Hometown, Yubari; My Etorofu): A collection of reportage and essays related to the North and to trips there. The Hokkaido Shimbun Press. (2008).

Keikan no Chi (A Line of Police Officers): A roman-fleuve focusing on a family with three generations of police officers: a grandfather, a father and a son. The postwar history of Japan is addressed from the perspective of policemen. (2007). Adapted for television and translated into Korean.

Keisatsucho kara Kita Otoko (A Policeman from the National Police Agency): A police thriller; the sequel to Warau Keikan (The Smiling Policeman). Kadokawa Haruki Corp. (2006)

Bakushin-tachi to Gijutsu Rikkoku (Retainers of the Tokugawa Shogunate and Technological Advances toward National Development): A biography of three government engineers in the final days of the Tokugawa shogunate. Shueisha Inc. (2006)

Seifuku Sosa (Investigation by a Uniformed Police Officer): A series of stories in which the hero is a policeman in rural Hokkaido. Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. (2006)

Shunme (The Fleet-footed Horsewoman): Historical fiction of a beautiful young woman who assists the son of a historical hero. Set in 12th-century Oushu (the Pacific side of northern Honshu). Chuokoron Press. (2005)

Utau Keikan (The Singing Policeman): A police thriller. Re-titled Warau Keikan (The Laughing Policeman) for its reissue as a paperback. Kadokawa Haruki Corp. (2004). Adapted as a movie and for the theater.

Tenka Jo (The Ruler,s Castle): The Warring States Period of Japan, written from the perspective of a castle builder. Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. (2004)

Kurofune (The Black Ship): The life story of the last samurai, NakajimaSaburonosuke, a real historical figure. Kadokawa-shoten Press (2003)

Yunitto (The Unit): A mystery dealing with juvenile delinquency and domestic violence. Bungeishunju Ltd. (2003). Adapted for television.

Kaerazaru Koya (Never Returning to the Wilderness): The saga of a ranching family during Hokkaido,s early period of settlement and development. Shueisha Inc. (2003)

Shikku Suru Yume (A Dreamer Revved for Success): The story of a central figure in the development of Japan,s automobile industry after the Pacific War. Shogakukan Inc. (2002)

Bokensha Kasutoro (Fidel Castro, The Adventurer): A nonfiction account of Fidel Castro,s life. Shueisha Inc. (2002)

Kurozukin Senpuroku (Adventures of a Black-Masked Hero): Historical fiction about the adventures of a chivalrous robber. Set in Hokkaido before its modern development. Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. (2002)

Buyoden (A Biography of Takeaki Enomoto): The story of the Meiji Era official who endeavored to develop Japan by introducing modern technology. Chuokoron Press (2001). Received the Nitta Jiro Literary Award.

Kussetsu Ritsu (Reflective Index): A love story set at a glass factory in the Koujiya district of Tokyo,s Ota Ward. Kodansha Ltd. (1999)

Washi to Tora (Eagle and Tiger): The wartime adventures of an aircraft pilot; set at the outset of the Second Sino-Japanese War. Kadokawa-shoten Press (1998)

Kiba no Aru Jikan (The Time of Striking): Suspenseful horror. Magazine House, Ltd. (1998)

Suteiji Doa ni Fumidase-ba (When Stepping through the Stage Door): The story of four women auditioning to be actresses. Shueisha Inc. (1998)

Washinton Fuin Kosaku (A Secret Operation to Cut Off Washington): A mystery set on the night before the outbreak of war between Japan and the US. Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. (1997)

Sotoku to Yobareta Otoko (The Man They Call “Lieutenant”): A hardboiled war novel set in Singapore just before the Pacific War. Shueisha Inc. (1997).

Hokushin Guntoroku (Tales of the Hokushin Thieves): An adventure story on the frontier of Hokkaido. It is set just after the Boshin War. Shueisha Inc. (1996)
Tobu Omoi (Letting Imagination Fly): Contemporary short stories. Chuokoron Press (1995)

Shonanto ni Ran Ariya (An Orchid in Singapore): A mystery about a plan to assassinate Hideki Tojo in occupied Singapore. Chuokoron Press. (1995). Translated into Chinese and English.

Yuki-yo Koya-yo (Snow and Wilderness): Short stories set during the modern development of Hokkaido. Shueisha Inc. (1994)

Yushi wa Kaerazu (The Brave Fighter Never Returns): A high school student helps an American deserter from the Vietnam War to flee Japan. The Asahi Shimbun Company (1994)

Sutokkuhorumu no Misshi (A Courier from Stockholm): The third and final novel of Sasaki,s WWII series, an adventure set at the end of the war. Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. (1994). Adapted for television.

Kyo mo Hodo ni Surechigau (Passing Each Other on the Sidewalk Today as Usual): Short stores of men and women during Japan,s economic bubble. Chuokoron Press (1994)

Nepuchun no Meikyu (A Labyrinth of Neptune): An adventure/mystery set in a small South Pacific island nation. The Mainichi Newspapers (1993)

Yoru ni Sonona o Yobeba (When You Call That Name in the Evening): A mystery set in Otaru and Berlin. Hayakawa Publishing Corp. (1992)

Thanksgiving Mama: Short stories written during the author,s American road trip. Switch Publishing Co., Ltd. (1992)

Harouin ni Kieta (Vanished on Halloween): A mystery set at a Japanese company in the US. Nikkei Inc. (1991)

Orokamono no Meiyaku (A Pact between Fools): The story of a politician who takes over his fathers, constituency. Kodansha Ltd. (1991)

Goryokaku Zantoden (Tales of the Goryokaku Fort Survivors): The adventures of defeated soldiers who were hunted after taking refuge in Goryokaku Fort. Shueisha Inc. (1991). Adapted for the theater.

Etorofu Hatsu Kinkyuden (An Urgent Telegram from Etorofu): The second novel in Sasaki,s WWII series, it deals with espionage at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. 1989. Adapted for television and translated into Korean. Recipient of the Mystery Writers of Japan Award and the Yamamoto Shugoro Award.

Manhattan no Bitoku (Manhattan,s Virtues): Five short stories and an eponymous novella. Shueisha Inc. (1989)

Kashakunaki Asu (Unsparing Tomorrow): A hardboiled detective story set in the Philippines. Shueisha Inc. (1989)

Berurin Hikou Shirei (Zero Over Berlin): The first novel in Sasaki,s WWII series. The story of a Zero fighter plane flown secretly to Berlin during the war. Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd. (1988). Translated into English.    READ MORE ▶

Kimi no Sutekina Sakusesu (Your Wonderful Success): Short stories of urban men and women. Shueisha Inc. (1987)

Inudomo no Eiko (Glories of Dogs): A hardboiled crime story of a shade who pursues a retired policeman. Set in Hokkaido. Shueisha Inc. (1987)

Bei Sitii Koi Kyuko (Bay City Love Express): Stories of the Saturday nights and Sunday mornings of young men who love their cars. Shueisha Inc. (1986). Re-titled The Bay Road Never Sleeps when reissued in paperback.

Yoru o Isogumono-yo (Those Who Hurry in the Evening): A suspense story set in Naha, Okinawa. Shueisha Inc. (1986). Adapted as a movie.

Mayonaka no Toi Kanata (Far From Midnight): The suspense story of a refugee girl. Set in Kabukicho, downtown Tokyo. Daiwashobo Co., Ltd. (1984). Re-titled Shinjuku no Arifureta Yoru (Another Night in Shinjuku) when reissued in paperback. Adapted as a movie and for the theater.

Akogare wa Shanhai Kuruzu (Dreaming of a Shanghai Cruise): For young adults, the story of a girl who aspires to be an actress. Shueisha Inc. (1984)

Furikaere-ba Chiheisen (When You Look Back at the Horizon): Two young men and woman tour Hokkaido on motorbike. CBS Sony Publishing (1982)

Tekkihei, Tonda (Iron Warriors in Flight): Short stories of motorcyclists, including the title story, which received the new novelist award of the All Yomimono literary magazine. Bungeishunju Ltd. (1980). Adapted as a movie.